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    Agency Workers Regulations 2010, “Gig” workers and surrounding issues

    Agency Workers Regulations 2010, “Gig” workers and surrounding issues

    Does your business engage agency workers? If so you need to be aware of the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 which are in place to ensure that agency workers are not treated less favourably than their full-time counterparts, who do the same work. We have specialists in this field who can guide your business though this complex area of employment law.

    Your business must ensure that temporary workers, after an initial 12-week period are afforded the same basic rights as permanent workers. After a 12-week period in the role, the worker will qualify for the same rights as someone employed directly, this will include a right to equal pay, (the same as a permanent worker), automatic pension enrolment and paid annual leave.

    Further, if you engage “consultants” or “associates” or “sub-contractors”, is your contract with them drafted correctly? Do you believe that they are not employees and therefore have no rights? Are you sure they could not be categorised as workers?

    This is a complex area of law and our experienced Employment Lawyers can help to ensure that your business follows all of the correct legal requirements and is aware of the risks.

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