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International self-care day

International self-care day focuses on the importance of self-care as the foundation of your wellbeing.

It’s to make self-care part of your everyday routine, it’s doing the simple things like going for a walk, going to the gym, reading a book, or meditating.

Self-care is proven to:

  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Help achieve goals
  • Raise confidence

Having a Wellbeing program and policy at work to promote and support all types of wellbeing activity is important.

What do you do to help and support your employees?

Do you have, and actively implement, a stress and mental wellbeing at work policy?

A policy sets out your understanding of work-related stress and mental health, your commitment to identifying and eradicating sources of work-related stress and to providing a working environment which supports mental wellbeing.

If you’d like more information on how we can help you to review and/or draft a stress and mental wellbeing at work policy or training for you, you can reach us on:

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International self-care day

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