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    Employment Tribunals and ACAS Early Conciliation

    Employment Tribunals and ACAS Early Conciliation

    We provide advice, support and representation for your business if a claim is presented against you at the Employment Tribunal.

    Before an individual presents a claim at the Employment Tribunal they must first enter in to the ACAS Early Conciliation process in order to seek to attempt to resolve the issue.Our Employment Lawyers, can assist with this stage of negotiations and beyond and advise on strategy. It is sometimes not advisable to enter into early negotiations.

    If a claim is brought against your business, and needs to be defended our Employment Lawyers are able to advise you with regards to the merits and value of a claim and any possible risks. We can prepare the case for hearing, including all of the relevant paperwork, preparation of witness evidence and compliance with Orders of the Employment Tribunal, and also with any possible settlement discussions, and strategy for moving matters forward.

    You can be assured that the advice that we provide is commercial and pragmatic, and that it will help to steer your business to the best and most cost-effective resolution.

    We also represent clients in the Employment Appeals Tribunal.

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