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Redundancy law support for businesses.

When a business is considering embarking on making one or more members of staff redundant, clear and effective legal advice is crucial to ensure that this process runs smoothly. Peach Law’s redundancy law support helps to ensure that your business does not fall foul of the law, or leave itself open to potentially costly and protracted litigation for unfair dismissal and/or workplace discrimination.

If your business is considering redundancies, you should be aware of the formal rules of redundancy law which must be followed including the need to inform and consult with employees and representatives of the workforce, or recognised Trade Unions where relevant.

Is it really a redundancy or could it be a company restructure? A restructure could avoid the need to make redundancy payments!

Redundancy Law and Support for Businesses by Peach Law

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Employees with 2 or more years’ service are entitled to a statutory redundancy payment. This payment is calculated based on age, length of service (subject to a maximum of 20 years) and pay (subject to the upper limit on a weeks’ pay).
Additionally, if you are considering making dismissals of 20 or more employees, within a 90-day period, there are specific rules which must be adhered to in order to avoid affected employees being eligible for a ‘Protective Award’, which can see compensation of up to 90 days’ gross pay being awarded to each affected employee – common and potentially costly mistakes for a business!C

Common pitfalls are;

• Confusing poor performance and a genuine redundancy situation.
• The pool for selection was too narrow.
• Making a decision on the outcome before consultations have been completed.

Our expert Employment Solicitors can advise you every step of the way, this can include initial advice and strategy, advising on selection pools and criteria and drafting the relevant letters and documents required for a fair a proper process to be carried out.
If it’s too daunting, the business could completely outsource this process and us our HR Consultants. They can act on your behalf and carry out the whole process for you, (further information can be found here). HR Services

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