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Recruitment, Inductions & Onboarding

Our HR consultants can support you with the various stages of the recruitment process, providing expert guidance on the induction and onboarding process.

The Induction & Onboarding Process

Finding the right person for the right job can be difficult. If not done correctly it can be costly for your business. Mistakes at the hiring stage can be expensive, have a negative effect on team morale and can take up a lot of management time. We help to get it right first time!

Your advert is the first thing a potential new employee will see, and you cannot make a second first impression, so it is crucial to get it right. Does your advert encompass your company values and ethics? Is it an accurate reflection of what the successful candidate will be responsible for? Does it truly represent your company brand? Our HR Specialist will work with you to ensure these things are covered and that your advert stands out from your competitors!

We can also help you screen CV’s and highlight quality candidates to invite to interview. We know this is a time-consuming task, which often gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list as operational commitments come first. However, it is crucial this stage of the recruitment process is completed quickly and efficiently, as the recruitment market moves fast and those quality candidates will not be on the market for long.

The questions you ask your candidates during the interview stage are also really important, as you can put people off by asking or saying the wrong things (and you can also land yourself in sticky legal situations!) Good, relevant questions also mean you get the right person for the role; bad, irrelevant questions can cost you a considerable amount of time and money when the successful candidate starts and quickly realises it is not a good match for them, so it is back to the drawing board, re-advertising a role that took you months to fill. Our HR consultants will make sure this risk is minimised by helping you create good quality, meaningful interview questions with a fair scoring system.

Our HR experts can also suggest additional screening methods asides from the traditional interview. Have you considered psychometric testing or in-tray exercises which are useful to confirm what the candidate says they are good at in the interview is true?

Our HR consultants can then help you onboard your new starter, from coordinating references to ensuring you are legally compliant by making sure they have the right to work in the UK. The first few weeks of an employee’s journey at a company are crucial to retaining them long term and so we will work with you to ensure they have a proper induction plan and the opportunity to provide feedback in the early stages so you can quickly rectify anything which may influence their decision to stay with your company long-term.

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