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Employee engagement strategies

Employee engagement is key in any organisation. It is what makes or breaks a business and can determine its success. Our clients benefit from discussing a wide range of strategies such as employee engagement surveys, benefits packages and communication strategies.

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Communication is a key challenge for most businesses, it is important to not only communicate information but to ensure that your employees understand also. Here at Peach we are keen advocates of open, honest and effective communication. Do you have a communication plan in place? Are you satisfied with your internal communication?

We are able to support businesses in gaining Investors In People (IIP) accreditation. Our team is experienced in working with you in going through the framework and ensuring that your internal processes and way of working is reflected in this.

There is no one, single, definition however, it is often summarised as a psychological state experienced by employees. It can also be described as a state of mind in which employees demonstrate the following behaviours: • Vigour (energy, resilience and effort). • Dedication (enthusiasm, inspiration and pride). • Absorption (concentration and being engrossed in their work). Discretionary effort or ‘going the extra mile’ can be a key indicator as to whether an employee is engaged, or not. For example, if an urgent order comes in, which a customer needs tomorrow, are your employees going to offer to stay behind to get the job done (personal commitments permitting, of course), or are they going to refer to their hours of work clause in their contract and leave when their shift ends, thinking ‘it’s not my problem?’ If the latter, it is likely that your employees are disengaged.

No. Motivation is however a good indicator as to whether someone is engaged. Motivation is how someone guides their efforts to achieve their goals. This can include intrinsic motivation (enjoying work just because) and extrinsic motivation (working hard to receive a reward). If someone is motivated, it is thought that they are more likely to be engaged with their workplace, unlike someone who is demotivated and thus likely to be disengaged.

Engaged employees are said to be healthier, happier, more fulfilled and motivated. There is a positive correlation between these behaviors and important business metrics including customer satisfaction, productivity, innovation, retention, efficiency and performance.

No. Also known as ‘EX’, employee experience is what people encounter and observe over the course of their time at an organisation. The aim is to provide a positive employee experience, to help with internal culture and to protect your organisation’s reputation. Employees who have had a bad experience are more likely to discourage future talent from applying for your vacancies with their negative Glassdoor reviews! Employee engagement and employee experience are, however, closely linked, as employees who are engaged are more likely to create a positive work environment, which contributes towards a positive employee experience for others.

An employee satisfaction survey is often a good starting point. Making it anonymous can also help you obtain a more accurate reflection, as you will likely receive more honest responses. You can also review key metrics that you will already have within your organisation such as attrition rates, absence figures and productivity. If lots of people are leaving (attrition), a high number of working days are being lost to sickness absence and people aren’t hitting their KPI’s, these could all be signs that your workforce is disengaged.

There are several things you can do to encourage employee engagement. Here are just a few ideas:

• Provide meaningful work which is well suited to the employee’s skillset. Work that is challenging, but not impossible to complete. Work that makes them feel a sense of accomplishment and hungry for the next challenge, as opposed to feeling stressed and burnt out. Work that provides a good level of autonomy, so employees are empowered to make decisions, suggest new ideas and make mistakes, which they need to make, so they can learn from them. Meaningful work will make the employee’s work more enjoyable.

• Invest in your leadership and management team. Ensure they are well-trained and equipped to do their jobs, including the soft-skills such as empathy and listening, so they are able to offer maximum support to their team. Ensure they lead by example, as bad behaviour is often copied and can breed a toxic culture. Communication is also key when it comes to leadership – do all employees have a voice, are they involved in key business decision making? Are they kept well informed of business developments?

• Create a positive culture – sometimes easier said than done, but ensuring mutual respect is embedded across your organisation and providing a safe environment for people to work in, can contribute to a positive culture. Meaningful work, strong leadership and development opportunities can also help create a positive culture.

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