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LGBT+ history month…creating a more inclusive culture

Do you know that…

  • More than a third of LGBT+ staff (35%) have hidden that they are LGBT+ at work for fear of discrimination.
  • 40% of LGB+ workers and 55% of Trans workers reported experiencing a conflict at work over a 12-month period (CIPD survey, 2021).
  • LGBT+ workers experience more workplace conflict; in particular, conflict involving being undermined/humiliated or discriminatory behaviour aimed at a protected characteristic (CIPD survey, 2021).

So, how can you create a more inclusive culture?

Education is key!

Educate yourself and your workforce on the history and culture of the LGBT+ community. This is something that businesses should consistently be doing and encouraging others to do, through raising awareness and providing regular and up-to-date training.

Be transparent

Ensure you have an up-to-date equal opportunities policy and anti-harassment and bullying policy and USE them.  Make sure all staff have access to these policies and know how to raise any queries or concerns. Create an inclusive environment and encourage open discussions.

Training is vital and should be regular (at least annually, and more frequent for managers). Think about the type of training you will provide, for example, anti-harassment and bullying training and discrimination training. Outsourcing some training can help too, for higher engagement and to make it different.  Ensure that any internally led training sessions are well planned, interesting and meaningful in order to get the most out of them.

Make the consequences clear!

Be sure to have up to date disciplinary and grievance policies in place and make sure all staff are aware of reporting lines. Training and raising awareness can help prevent things getting to grievance or disciplinary stage but it is important to have the correct procedures in place and that managers are trained on how to deal with these things!

Words matter

Do you know what you’re saying?

Are you aware?

This links back to education and training… make sure you use inclusive language. Review your job adverts and job descriptions, employment contracts, onboarding material and internal systems and software. Practice the use of neutral words such as “partner” as opposed to “husband” or “wife” and offer “non-binary” gender options on documents and forms.

Do your benefit policies cover LGBT+ families and transgender individuals? Take a look at any health benefits you may offer that refer to enrolling your spouse or partner. What do your family friendly policies say?

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LGBT+ history month…creating a more inclusive culture

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