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What can employers do about employees who need to quarantine?

We have had some clients contact us this morning about what they can do about employees who travel where there are quarantine measures in place on their return. We would strongly advise that employers  communicate to their employees about what is expected and it may be appropriate to have a policy in place as this could happen with other countries apart from Spain. For those employees who are in a country where quarantine measures have quickly been imposed, such as Spain, you may want to think about how flexible you can be, whether it is allowing your employees to take unpaid leave, annual leave or work from home if possible. Please note that employees are not entitled to SSP if they are self-isolating after entering or returning to the UK and do not need to self-isolate for any other reason.

You may need to take a  firm approach if employees still go on holiday to those countries that the government has advised against.

There are concerns that employees will not be able to afford to quarantine for 14 days and may attempt to come in to the work place. Employers need to know of the serious health and safety risk that this could impose on other employees as well as going against government guidance.

It is imperative that you communicate your policy in dealing with these scenarios with your employees as soon as possible so that it is clear on the expectations on both sides. Looking to take action today? Call our employment law solicitors or HR consultants on 0161 478 3800 or hello@peachlaw.co.uk.

What can employers do about employees who need to quarantine?

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