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Working safely during coronavirus- what do businesses need to do!

The Government published last night their guidance on Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19). There are 8 guides covering a range of different types of work and some businesses may need to use more than one depending on how you work.

There are 5 key points that set out practical steps for businesses that should be implemented:

1. Employees are to work from home, where possible. Businesses should take reasonable steps to support this. If employees are not able to work from home, you should speak to them with regards to returning to work and how you are making the workplace safe.
2. Carry out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment to establish what guidelines to put in place. If possible, employers should consider publishing the results on your website. It is expected that businesses with over 50 employees to do so. It is clearly imperative that this is carried out before employees return to work and specialist advice and support should be sought with regards to this. Speak to one of our HR Consutlants on your COVID-19 Risk Assessment and we can design one tailored to your business.
3. Maintain 2m social distancing, wherever possible. Employers should be thinking about re-designing workspaces, staggered start times and create one-way walk throughs. Can seating layouts be changed?
4. Where 2m can’t be done, the risk of transmission must be managed. Barriers should be put in shared spaces, creating shift patterns, or having fixed teams to minimise the number of people being in contact with each other.
5. Reinforce cleaning processes in the workplace with more frequent cleans paying close attention to door handles and keyboards. Employers should be providing handwashing facilities or hand sanitisers at entry and exit points.

Employers should display a notice in their workplaces to show their employees, customers and other visitors to their workplace, that they have followed this guidance. Click here.

Here are the guides specific to types of work being carried out.

We refer to our previous guidance on “Returning to work” we issued last week whereby a project plan should be created to support the transition. Our HR Consultants are on hand to support you in this area in addition to our experienced employment law solicitors to advise on complex issues such as employees choosing not to return to work.

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Working safely during coronavirus- what do businesses need to do!

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