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Back to school … Induction and Onboarding process

September can bring change to many people’s working lives, some may start a new job, others may have children starting school or businesses may be rethinking their business strategy. Do you have new employees starting to work with you? Do you know what makes an effective induction and onboarding process? When an employee starts work with you it is key to ensure that you are prepared for when they join. There is nothing worse than a new recruit turning up and no one knows who they are; no resources are ready and the line manager is nowhere to be seen. Employers should be mindful that when a new employee starts it isn’t about their first day or week, it is an ongoing process, which enables them to absorb the information gradually rather than hit them too much too soon. The induction process allows new employees quickly to become effective and motivated.

What is induction?
The CIPD (2015) state that “induction at work refers to the process where employees adjust or acclimatise to their jobs and working environment”. All businesses should have an induction process whereby they introduce the new employee to the business and have to tools and resources to be able to start the job. Onboarding looks at a rather larger picture from the recruitment stage up until the employee is well and truly settled and performing to the standard expected of that role.

• Employee settles in well.
• Gains an understanding of the organisation’s policies, procedures and culture.
• Lays the foundation for a positive working relationship.
• Promotes corporate image and establishes the company’s personality.
• The employee will get an understanding of where they fit within the business and how they contribute.;
• They are more likely to remain with the organisation- reducing recruitment costs.

• Having a structured plan of what is expected in the induction process can limit any stress the employee may feel when starting a new job.
• The plan should look at who should be involved, meetings you want them to attend and people they need to meet.
• Ensure you have line manager engagement from the start, after all it is their responsibility to ensure that the new employee settles in well into the business.

• Continually review the induction process to ensure that it is relevant to the business and the employees. Is the corporate information up to date? Get feedback from the employees about the induction process, what they liked and what they felt could be improved upon.

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Back to school … Induction and Onboarding process

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