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Do your employees take their full holiday entitlement? How can you manage this more efficiently?

Do your employees take their full holiday entitlement? How can you manage this more efficiently?

Wow, September nearly upon us. Children are about to be back at school and the daily commute will be busy once more.

Although we are still a good few months from the end of the year, there are still many employees with a large amount of holidays left to take. Most business have their holiday year from January to December and many realise last minute that their employees need to take their holidays which can be a logistical nightmare!

Businesses do not want to be in the position where most of their staff are on annual leave in December!

Why don’t you start looking at this now?

• Check your records and see who has still got a lot of holidays left to take.
• Encourage your staff to book their holidays- communicate to them and highlight to them how many they have got to take. Explain the carry over process.
• Do your management team understand the importance of holidays and how they actually have benefits for the company? Businesses might think that it is great that their employees are not taking their leave, but do you know that this is more likely to increase sickness absence and affect morale leading to loss of productivity.
• Take time to find out why holidays are not been taken.
• Does your annual leave policy need reviewing? Does it clearly set out entitlement and how to go and book time off? Get in touch and we will review this complimentary.
• Limit how many days you can roll over and set a time limit on when to take them.
• Have you got a holiday booking system that is accessible and easy to use? If not think about investing in some software, this saves companies time and money manually administering the process.

It is important to look out for reasons for staff for not taking holidays. Could it be due to;
• Too much work to do that they can’t take the time off?
• Holidays that have been rolled over from the previous year giving them an abundance of days to take?
• Personal reasons- some employees may not want to spend time with family or have no one to spend time with outside work?
• Staff thinking that it has too much impact on the business?
• Staff being on sickness absence and not having the opportunity to take their leave?

Do you have issues with holidays and absence? Peach advise many businesses on this area in addition to other employment queries and guide companies on how you can streamline your processes which are tailored to you. Get in touch to find out more on 0161 478 3800!

Do your employees take their full holiday entitlement? How can you manage this more efficiently?

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