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    Managing World Cup Absenteeism

    The 2018 World Cup football tournament has well and truly started and in a survey done by tipster site FootballTips they estimate that absenteeism from the UK workplace during the World Cup will cost the economy £13 billion! Let’s make sure you are not caught out!

    What can businesses do…
    • Firstly, if an employee wants to take time off to watch (or recover from watching) a football match encourage them to book holidays following your normal holiday procedures. This way businesses will be able to plan tasks and workloads in advance with minimum disruption. You do not need to approve everyone’s holiday so don’t be afraid to say no and explain your reasonings.
    • Remind employees of the sickness absence procedure and that you will be managing sickness as normal and investigate where necessary.
    • Think about how to manage AWOL or lateness. These issues are likely to increase at this time.
    • Consider temporary flexible working arrangements for employees- can employees come in later or leave earlier?
    • Ensure managers are confident to manage absenteeism and understand the company’s procedures. It is important that all employees are treated fairly.

    Why not take the World Cup as an opportunity to increase engagement, some businesses are able to be a bit more creative at this time to prevent absenteeism by showing the games in the workplace or allowing employees to keep up to date with scores online. Providing refreshments and putting up decorations are other little ways to embrace the tournament. Think about what would work for your business.

    If you are concerned that someone’s absence is not genuine contact us and we can guide you! Get in touch confidentially on 0161 478 3800 or

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