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HR Consultants in Manchester

Peach Law have a specialist team of HR consultants in Manchester providing a number of outsourced HR Services that are designed to be flexible yet completely comprehensive, providing you with total peace of mind. Peach Law is made up of highly qualified specialists who support countless businesses across Greater Manchester with the HR services they need. Whether you’re just looking for help in one area, or need more extensive coverage, we can help.

Outsourced HR Manchester by Peach Law

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Dedicated HR Consultants in Manchester.

Our outsourced HR services in Manchester include but are not limited to absence management; employment contracts and staff handbooks; restructures and redundancies; and investigations, disciplinary or grievance appeals. These can be incredibly stressful and frustrating times and it’s our job to ease your worries as best we can whilst providing unrivalled HR support.

Our aim is to provide the most holistic and human HR services Manchester has to offer and we believe we’re doing just that. Taking a different approach means we don’t offer one standard package for every client; instead we tailor our HR services to you and your specific business needs. You tell us your requirements and we put together a package unique to you. Working with Peach Law means getting the right amount of support, when and how you need it.  For those who need more comprehensive support, we even provide HR consultancy on-site.

If you’re looking for an HR consultant in Manchester or fully outsourced HR services, speak to the friendly and discrete Peach Law team. Whether it’s an isolated incident or it’s ongoing help that you’re looking for, you’ll get the same dedicated, professional service every time. Contact us today.

Peach Law's HR Consultants in Manchester offer a range of services to support businesses with their human resources challenges. These services may include HR strategy development, employee relations, recruitment and onboarding, performance management, compliance with employment laws, and HR training and development.

Hiring an HR consultant can bring valuable expertise to your company. They can help you navigate complex HR issues, ensure compliance with employment laws, improve employee engagement, and ultimately, enhance your company's overall performance and productivity.

HR Consultants can help by providing tailored solutions to your HR challenges. Peach Law's HR team can assess your specific needs, offer strategic advice, develop HR policies and procedures, mediate conflicts, and assist with HR documentation, among other services.

Yes, Peach Law's HR consultants can assist with recruitment and hiring processes. They can help you create job descriptions, conduct candidate interviews, perform background checks, and streamline your recruitment efforts to find the right talent for your company.

The cost of hiring HR Consultants can vary depending on the scope of services and the consultant's experience. Some consultants charge hourly rates, while others may offer project-based or retainer-based pricing. It's best to discuss your specific needs and budget with HR Consultants to get a clear understanding of the costs involved.

Choosing the right HR consultants involves considering their experience, expertise in your industry, client reviews, and the services they offer. At Peach Law, we always arrange a full consultation to discuss your company's needs and determine if there's a good fit between your requirements and our team's capabilities.

Yes, Peach Law are also Employment Law specialists so we are well-versed in UK employment laws and regulations. We make sure our team are kept updated with changes in employment legislation and can help your company remain compliant with the law while managing your HR matters effectively.

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